#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Q1

Q1: Share your favorite podcast.
Why did you choose it? http://t.co/O5BwVyKgwj


#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Q2

Q2: What makes podcasts successful in your opinion?Your criterias,your choices


#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Remarkable


#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description

0 0 Let’s chat on personal Knowledge management, self directed learning, life long learning, sharing knowledge. Tweets by @BrunoWinck @Kneaver
Christin Kardos

90 260 Beer & bacon analyst. Marines/bikers are my friends. A.k.a. クリス or Chris. #SocialMedia strategist @BayLeafDigital. Community Engagement Enabler for #SbizHour.
Lisa Masiello

24 64 Founder, Pres. @ http://TECHmarcLabs.com. Let’s chat about #custexp, #brandstrategy, #omnichannel #marketing, #SaaS, #cloud & #MSPs. Laugh every day.

6 20 Curious and passionate about #Learning, #Leadership & #Content. #StrengthsFinder fan. Enjoy #photography, #social and #travel.
Nikk Smit

1 2 Improving the world, one tweet at a time. @SAPAfrica : Social Media Brand Specialist & Inbound Marketer | F1 @McLarenF1 | Philosophy | Geopolitics | Sociology
Nick Leffler

66 196 I like to think about how to do all things learning experience a little bit different. Self directed learning and being mobile are the best way forward.
Bruno Winck

0 0 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge management and learning enthousiast. tweets about using Kneaver for Knowledge management & Learning, rarely on WE
Alexandra Folwarski

2 12 Content & Production Manager, helping our team to create and produce the right content for their customers. private
Nigel Young

34 124 Learning Solutions Consultant and Director at Kanuka Consulting; everything learning and learning technologies and a dash of sarcastic wit to boot!
Sara Stuever

4 16 Thinking about…adult learning, instructional design, nurses, oncology, learner engagement, measuring, content mgmt, learning technology…u000aViews are my own.

31 70 eLearning ID exploring better ways of learning & working through networks, conversation, collaboration & community. @EdConteXts | @OzLearn | #3place
BSB Design

1 2 National #Architecture and Community Design Firm with Regional Sensitivity. Founded 1966 by Jack Bloodgood. We design the places people want to live… Better.
Dierdre Shetler

1 2 Middle school tech teacher and #edcamp organizer with a passion for ed tech professional development.
Michelle Ockers

1 2 Learning and growing – and helping others to do the same. Organisational learning practitioner, community builder, social learner, mum and dog lover.
Michael Tandarich

1 2 Love my family but business is my game. CEO @nocomplydesigns always hustlin and love exotic cars
Sanjay Singh Negi

6 12 HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONAL. #Sports follower, Love #Movies, #Music. Tweets are personal and RT does not mean Endorsement. “TeamWORK Makes the DreamWORK”
Rotana Ty

29 114 exploring edges & ways of learning

2 4 A podcast featuring candid conversations with folks who do social media right. From average joe to CEO. Host: @CBarrows – Community Ambassador: @VincenzoLandino

1 2 We, @JohnQShift and @RogierNoort, investigate Social Business and (re)imagine what the future of work can (or should) be.
John Wenger

1 2 Scottish. Sociatrist. Iconoclast. Lover of life. Lover of people. #dolectures #spontaneity #systemsthinking #sociometry #roletheory
Allan Leshchinsky

7 22 I’m really good at wearing glasses and growing beards. Ingredients: Father/Husband, #Marketing, #VideoGames, Movies, #Science, #GraphicDesign.
Mr. S!D

1 2 Social Engager, #SMUN’s Habitual Line Stepper & Raaaaainnmaker! | Professional #SocialMedia & #Marketing Disruptor | Diehard #Mets Fan | Lovable Brown Guy!
Bryan Kramer

1 2 Mantra: I believe in the power of sharing. CEO of @PureMatter, Author of Human to Human #H2H, TED speaker
Ben Beville

1 10 Living in a corporate world with a startup state of mind. Social Media Content Manager and dabble in graphic design, photography and film on the side.
Mike J. Ruane

1 2 Business Development/ Account Manager for an Engineering Services firm specializing in Design, Engineering, Project Management & FEA Analysis. Will follow back.
Liftec Forklifts

1 10 Liftec Forklifts serving New Jersey/New York/PA with high quality forklifts for + 35 yrs. Aerial Work Platforms, Floor Care. Sales, rentals, service, parts.

#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Conclusion


#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning – Introduction


#PKMChat : Podcasts for Learning

Q0: What did you learn,
share this week?
What did you enjoy? http://t.co/13fGJ8AmmN

Q1: Share your favorite podcast.
Why did you choose it? http://t.co/O5BwVyKgwj

Q2: What makes podcasts successful in your opinion?Your criterias,your choices
Q3: Where and when do you usually
listen to podcasts? http://t.co/OcqOf3anUW

Q4: Do you save podcasts for
later reference? How, Where? http://t.co/77FiYjMHlp

Q5: How do you retain? Do you
take notes while listening
afterwards? How? http://t.co/anzWcyytfP

Q6: Describe topics and type of
Knowledge that fits well for
learning with podcasts http://t.co/4Sj92H2pBH

Q7: Describe duration, format of podcasts offering best
knowledge transfer experience http://t.co/VhkyEw9zfk