#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes – Q0

Q0: What did you learn,
share this week?
What did you enjoy? http://t.co/n9eZFkdpIq


#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description

0 0 Let’s chat on personal Knowledge management, self directed learning, life long learning, sharing knowledge. Tweets by @BrunoWinck @Kneaver
Teri Kojetin

53 202 MN Nana. Community manager. Co-host #Luv4Social chat. @Hootsuite #HootAmb. @Nurph Amb. Love God #coffee #owls

1 2 Curious and passionate about #Learning, #Leadership & #Content. #StrengthsFinder fan. Enjoy #photography, #social and #travel.
Harold Jarche

1 2 International Consultant & Speaker on organizational design in the network era. Focused on improving personal and enterprise learning.
Iva Ignjatovic

3 14 Atheist/logical/analytical/vegetarian liberal | Strategy | Marketing | Communication | Business Development | CAO @IPrinciple Founder&CEO http://t.co/saGsoRPtgo
Carolyn Portanova

28 56 mother of 2 | new york raised | francais & english | pirate at heart | marketing & communications @tbrinsnc.com | social media freelance
Melissa Milloway

7 22 Learning imagineer. #Gamedev newbie, digital artist, #elearning developer, and blogger. Connect w/ me http://www.linkedin.com/in/melmilloway
Bruno Winck

0 0 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge Management and Learning enthousiast. Founder of @Kneaver – #PKMChat host
Helen Blunden

23 198 All about learning, performance, communities & networks. RTs don’t necessarily mean endorsement.u000du000aViews are my own! u000du000ahttp://about.me/helenblunden
Christin Kardos

82 276 Beer & bacon analyst. #Marines & bikers are my friends. A.k.a. クリス /Chris/Tink. #SocialMedia w/ Bay Leaf Digital. #CMGR for @SBizHour. #SBizHour Mondays @ 4 ET.
Rotana Ty

3 6 exploring edges & ways of learning
Jade Kazmierski

25 178 Spinning instructional design beats, hipping Milwaukee, and slanging foodie nerdisms. The jivest mother around. {Fin}
Simon Blair

18 52 Trainer, software developer, and all-around great guy.

3 6 eLearning ID exploring better ways of learning & working through networks, conversation, collaboration & community. @EdConteXts | @OzLearn | #3place
Tricia Ransom

17 98 L&D professional. A wife, sister, daughter, friend, learner, laugher, IL native (go Bears, Cubs, Illini) now living in northern California.
Cendrine Marrouat

3 14 Social media blogger/curator/author/coach. Founder of @somediaslant & #smslantchat (@smslantchat). @paper_li blog staff writer. @b2bnewsnetwork columnist
Kristina Beard

6 20 Displaced German in Alabama. Mom x3. Loves all things Social Media. Mental Health Awareness Advocate. Geek.
Shannon Tipton

33 122 Passionate about cutting edge learning solutions to develop curious learners in businesses today. Join the rebellion. http://www.learningrebels.com
Carmella Lanni

10 52 Social #vegan girl in an #ecommerce world | @thefoodduo blogger | @veganfoodchat founder | @luv4social co-host | Chocolate + Shoes + Carlo + Cats = Happiness
Jaymini Mistry

1 2 || Engineer || Volunteer Social Media Strategist || Interested in STEM, Millennials, Startups, Tech and Big Data || IG: Jaymini_Mistry || British Meerkat ||
Michael Boyce

1 2 I am writing and editing and doing social media strategy and cultivating community.

3 14 Biotech, indie music, web usability, life sciences. Opinions raised are my own, and not those of my employer.
Food Matters

1 2 null
Food Style

1 2 null
Food Recipes

1 2 Delicious Food Recipes. Delivered To You Daily.
Food City

1 2 null
Food Art

1 2 null
Food Hacks

1 2 null
Adam T. Music

1 10 Dad. Husband. Godmother. Gardener. Situational humorist. Compulsive fact-checker. Hooked on journalism. Content and social media pro at @CDLB & @ChicagoLawyer.

#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes – Conclusion


#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes – Remarkable


#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes – Introduction


#PKMChat : Collect, Share and Learn Recipes

Q0: What did you learn,
share this week?
What did you enjoy? http://t.co/n9eZFkdpIq

Q1: Share your best memories of
a recipe hunt or an
amazing execution Details pls http://t.co/jUHDtQTslr

Q2: How do you find recipes?
keyword, sites?
How do you select? Authority, Style? http://t.co/J6Ww1hcKJy

Q3: Now you get recipes, how
do you keep them?
Memory, notes, computer http://t.co/EbWlsYFrDs

Q4: Share your shopping tactic,
Just in time? ASAP?
How do U build ur shopping list? http://t.co/e7mlXE326U

Q5: So happy with your success,
How do you share?
why won’t you, where? Links!!! http://t.co/tx7XmCEdF2

Q6: Recipes implies techniques,
know-how, how did you learn?
Formal, social, Experiments? http://t.co/qnzG3sEDph