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0 0 Let’s chat on Personal Knowledge Management, self directed learning, lifelong learning, sharing knowledge.u000aHost of #PKMChat Wed 4PM ETu000au000aTweets by @BrunoWinck

48 184 We, @ArnoldBeekes @JohnQShift @rotanarotana, bring together small caring learning community of people, who r interested in improving their life, work, learning.
Nick Leffler

51 166 I’m fascinated by the power social networks hold to solve even the most complex business problem.
urbie delgado

36 216 Instructional designer, speaker, comic-ist. Believe in #YouMatter, connections w/educators. Husband & papa, OldPa. Navy veteran (long ago). Clinicians = my tPop
Daniel Adeboye

5 10 I’m a Jesus lover and fan | Growing E-Learning professional, Online Learner and Trainer, Developing passion and skills particularly in EdTech.
Amanda Bahr

2 12 Tampa/Orlando FL area, loves to learn about #training and #development, #IOpsych and #networking, #youngprofessional. #determined :-)u000ahttps://t.co/XpMuo6NS6s
Bruno Winck

0 0 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge Management, Social and Lifelong Self Directed Learning enthusiast. Founder of @Kneaver – #PKMChat host
Ralf Lippold

36 136 #LeanThinking • #DigitalCommunication • #Curious • #ULab • Ambassador of @netsocproj for Germany • Co-Founder of @HTxA & @SemperoperDD
Michael Boyce

20 56 Brand communications, social media & community strategy and management.
Gail Radecki

42 132 Voracious reader, wannabe writer, continuing medical education/e-learning professional, lifelong learner.
Cendrine Marrouat

40 136 Social media blogger & coach. Content Curator. Author. Photographer. Founder: @somediaslant & #smslantchat. Paid contributor: @paper_li blog & @b2bnewsnetwork

#PKMChat : Gains from College – Conclusion


#PKMChat : Gains from College

Q0:Where, when and what did you study? http://t.co/ptJ2XPloCg
Q1: Share your best memories of
your transition from studies to lifelong learning http://t.co/Sg5HsNkQ4f

Q2: How many times did you pivot
between your studies and today?
Why?When?How? http://t.co/HA13LwQ2ok

Q3: What did you learn at college
that you still use today? http://t.co/ElhDHBpKCP

Q4: Which PKM processes did you keep,
enhanced, abandonned
after this transition? http://t.co/4MCylZ2q3S

Q5: Which changes would you recommend
for higher education? http://t.co/pD55P1VWdN


#PKMChat : Taxonomies to Organize Knowledge – Q3

Q3: Do you think a taxonomy is
useful or is tagging or
a folksonomy better? http://t.co/uzjDY2LnDM


#PKMChat : Taxonomies to Organize Knowledge – Q5

Q5: Which extra benefits could
you see of using taxonomies http://t.co/z9Ic2GZeQn


#PKMChat : Taxonomies to Organize Knowledge – Q4

Q4: Do you have a process to
review/update the taxonomy in your
organization? Describe http://t.co/W2qbeeY1BF


#PKMChat : Taxonomies to Organize Knowledge – Q0

Q0: Did you use or become aware of taxonomies recently, what did you think? http://t.co/N7bzs7Zsqd