#BlogGab : Handling Blog problems

Q2 If you feel you’re trapped in Blogger’s Block versus just having a single-day drought, how do you handle that? #bloggab
Q3 In your archives, you find an old post is no longer relevant (perhaps even wrong). Delete? Edit? Post update? #Bloggab
Q4 A longtime reader email a complaint about an offensive post & demands an apology. What do you do? #bloggab
Q5 A company provides a generous incentive to review them, but you HATE their product. What do you do? #bloggab
Q6 You realize you have a troll attacking you and your readers. How do you handle that? #bloggab
Q7 You discover someone has copied and pasted one of your posts as their own on their blog. What would you do? #bloggab
Q8 Someone accuses you of stealing their idea for a post (and you didn’t do it). How would you handle that? #bloggab
Q9 You find it harder and harder to find time to post as much as you’d like. What do you do about that? #bloggab
Q10 You suffer blogger insecurity, fearing your blog/your voice just isn’t good enough. How do you respond? #bloggab
Q11 You are bothered by the lack of engagement on your blog and want more comments. What’s your first strategy? #bloggab
Q12 You realize your blog doesn’t have the clear purpose you thought it did. How do you find yours? #bloggab
Q13 You suspect your blog needs a design upgrade, but don’t know where to begin? What would you do first? #bloggab