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#PKMChat : Search tactics versus SEO strategies – Remarkable


#PKMChat : Search tactics versus SEO strategies – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description

0 0 Let’s chat on personal Knowledge management, self directed learning, life long learning, sharing knowledge. Tweets by @BrunoWinck @Kneaver
Cindy Walas

2 4 Guitarist (retired), motorcyclist, graphic arts professional, #interactiveprint geek, and avid reader of classic British mysteries.
Michelle Dear

26 212 Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist for authors and small businesses. Creating ecstatic customers is my business. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
Kavita Chintapalli

1 2 Social Media Manager #ForHire, @SayftyCom tweeter, Blogger, Team #HBRogue #Luv4Social, & #FlipboardChat, TV & Beauty Junkie, Apple Lover
Bruno Winck

0 0 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge Management and Learning enthousiast. Founder of @Kneaver – #PKMChat host
Nigel Young

9 34 Learning Solutions Consultant and Director at Kanuka Consulting; everything learning and learning technologies and a dash of sarcastic wit to boot!
Rotana Ty

34 76 exploring edges & ways of learning
Michelle Ockers

39 102 Learning and growing – and helping others to do the same. Organisational learning practitioner, community builder, social learner, mum and dog lover.
Stephen Bruington

12 24 Learning & Development Strategist. Facilitation. Social Collaboration. Informal Learning. I’m also a husband, father, minimalist, and runner.
Michael Boyce

12 24 I am writing and editing and doing social media strategy and cultivating community.
Christin Kardos

2 4 Beer & bacon analyst. #Marines & bikers are my friends. A.k.a. クリス /Chris/Tink. #SocialMedia Strategist, #CMGR for @SBizHour. #SBizHour Mondays @ 4 ET.
Nick Leffler

60 176 I like to think about how to do all things learning experience a little bit different. Self directed learning and being mobile are the best way forward.
Lesley Price

16 72 CEO Learn Appeal
Shannon Tipton

32 96 Passionate about cutting edge learning solutions to develop curious learners in businesses today. Join the rebellion.
Vincent Orleck

1 2 #NotAGuru, maven, ninja or rock star ◊ Social Media Mgr @PlexusWorldwide ◊ @smcphoenix President |
urbie delgado

9 58 Instructional designer, speaker. Believe in #YouMatter and connections with educators via #EdCamp and Twitter. Husband & father, OldPa. Navy veteran (long ago).

3 6 Enterpernuer/Singer/C.E.O.On The Right Track Outreach and Prison Ministries.
Rachel Barnum

3 6 I like to dream about having my own YouTube channel. #instructionaldesign, gamer, reader. XB: deacti, Steam: counttess

1 10 Professional #Recruiter-Book Lover – #Happiness is the Key, Love #ContentWriting (persnal intrst) hear/read it,slides thru brain n goes stright to hrt- Bingo:)
Tom Spiglanin

2 4 L&D practitioner and scientist by training, I apply scientific methods to learning strategies and programs. Tweet to me. All views are my own.

4 8 eLearning ID exploring better ways of learning & working through networks, conversation, collaboration & community. @EdConteXts | @OzLearn | #3place
Helen Blunden

5 26 All about learning, performance, communities & networks. RTs don’t necessarily mean endorsement.u000du000aViews are my own! u000du000a
Harold Jarche

1 2 I help organizations adapt to life in perpetual beta, with a focus on improving personal and enterprise learning
Mark L. Sheppard

1 2 Perpetually upgrading L&D geek with too much to read. eLearning whiz, SoMe addict, learner, speaker, recovering blogger. Canadian. Veteran. Dad. CFL nut.

#PKMChat : Search tactics versus SEO strategies – Conclusion


#PKMChat : Search tactics versus SEO strategies

Q0: What did you learn,
share this week?
What did you enjoy?

Q1: Memorable fail or success in
searching or indexing
details pls

Q2: How search engines work?
What is SEO is this regard?

Q3: What are keywords, keyphrases?
Share your fav, how do u find them?

Q4: Share your tips when searches
are too limited or too vague

Q5: Which SEO practices do you know,
do you apply for your own posts?

Q6: Your take on the impact of Social Media
on search, findability, SEO


#PKMChat : Design from Intent to Plans – Q6

Q6: How, where do you seek
inspiration or extra
design knowledge


#PKMChat : Design from Intent to Plans – Q7

Q7: When do you use feedback
How is it used in your process


#PKMChat : Design from Intent to Plans – Q2

Q2: When do you clarify your
goal, your idea?
How to ensure it’s unique


#PKMChat : Design from Intent to Plans – Q3

Q3: When do end-users, stakeholders,
readers enter your process?


#PKMChat : Design from Intent to Plans – Q5

Q5: When does your design
knowledge come into play?