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#JVMChat : Brand Ambassadors – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description
Christin Kardos

100 256 Beer & bacon analyst. Marines/bikers are my friends. A.k.a. ??? or Chris. #SocialMedia strategist @BayLeafDigital. Community Engagement Enabler for #SbizHour.
Jason Viglione

0 0 Co-Founder of @JayVigMedia | Advisor to @LiveNinjaDotCom | Fiancé to @Lynnche324 | #JVMChat co-host | lover of the @NYJets & hot sauce. Tweets here are my own.

44 88 Think. Act. Evolve. Internet marketing & web design for the discerning palette. Located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota but servicing nationwide.
Sarah Nagel

37 114 Social Marketing @sproutsocial. Let’s (grab a beer and) chat.
Mary Alice Barrows

9 26 Experienced #Career Development Specialist- Assistant Director @WPUNJ #HigherEd Enthusiast – New #Mom – Dog Lover – Entertainment/ Pop Culture Fan – #Lostie
Michael Ciancio

4 24 #DigitalMarketing & #SocialMedia Strategist| #MBA| CEO/Founder @SangoDigital| MKGT MGR @PharmachemLabs |#Fitness Enthusiast| #Baseball Instructer @ProMotionsBB
Barbara DiGangi

1 2 Cofounder @theprojectbond. Social Worker. #SocialInnovation aficionada. #Feminism: my religion. I live a fire. http://t.co/HZ67EyeCUV

26 108 Professional Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing services. Problem solver, rolls with the punches, chameleon, twitter nerd, wine aficionado.
Ancita Satija

20 64 Communications professional. Coffee lover. Note: Opinions expressed herein are (Obviously) my own!

38 132 Senior Marketing Director at Dash Advisors. Marketing/Social Media Consultant, Blogger, writer, photographer, dog mama. #fitfluential ambassador
Ed Tsyitee Jr

45 138 Contemporary and unorthodox thinker | Adept problem solver | #HumanResources | Grad student #ProjectManagement | http://t.co/PlFNsTuqBp
Alissa M. Trumbull

44 104 #SocMed & #SocBiz enthusiast. Freelance writer & graphic designer. Flower caretaker. Half of @Social_Outlaws. Columnist for @MsCareerGirl. Make it shine.

0 0 Social and Mobile at NYU | @WhyISocial Host | #JVMChat Co-Host | @MillennialCEO + @NEPABlogCon contributor | Social Sunday on @AppMeerKat | @socialbeards
Nezar Freeny

22 92 Founder & CEO of @AmanahTech – A Dedicated Server Company.
Glenda Vaquerano

21 66 #Coffee chugging, high-heel wearing, nude lippie rocking #PR & #SoMe pro for most awesome hair care co: @sexyhair. An introvert heart w/ an extrovert brain.
Danielle Ungermann

13 42 Director of Community for @LiveNinjaDotCom | @LiveNinjaKatana; Community Organizer for @CodeForMiami; semicolon enthusiast; typography obsessed; Human
Crowd Content

9 50 We make it easy, quick, and affordable for marketers to create and manage amazing content. #contentmarketing. Tweets by the founder & marketing team.
Jed Record

6 12 Jed Record • I empower college students to make a difference for businesses with #SocialMedia at @Likeforce #UNC #KenanFlagler Alum #marketing #entrepreneurship
Chris Mikulin

5 10 Mechanical engineer turned digital strategist. Owner of a high-end yo-yo company @clywcanada. Super into social, analytics & helping people! @socialbeards
James Easterling

19 38 Social Media Strategist | Love God, #socialmedia advocate @SetonFamily, #tech evangelist, Coffee Ninja, Dad who wears socks w/ sandals NOT, #BeSocialAlways

21 42 Social Marketing OS for people serious about social media marketing. Our Plumbird: Sabrina @sabbyswrld
Carolyn Portanova

11 22 mother of 2 | new york raised | francais & english | pirate at heart | marketing & communications @tbrinsnc.com | social media freelance
Bruno Winck

6 12 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge Management and Learning enthousiast. Founder of @Kneaver – #PKMChat host

29 82 Movy is conversations… public or private. Back and forth video message streams for fun or business #LorrieMovy
Jennifer Leo

10 20 L.A. Times Travel Web Buzz | http://t.co/civAr0mxpI | http://t.co/nl11VZqKIH | This Week in Travel | On Instagram @vegasjenleo | #KidsNTrips Twitter Parties
Jacob Henenberg

27 70 Permanently enrolled student of learning. Embracing life without walls. Passionate about digital literacy, social media, voice acting and photography.
Marlino Bitanga

5 34 Brand Marketing Junkie and Speaker – Thoughts on #branding, #creative, #marcomm, food and a few rants. My tweets are my personal opinions.
Delaney Katherine

1 2 #SocialMedia Manager at @AETV, @History, & @more2history. @NYUniversity alum. Avid podcast streamer, @Netflix binger, and getaway planner. #TV #SocialMarketing
Adam T. Music

1 2 Dad. Husband. Godmother. Gardener. Situational humorist. Compulsive fact-checker. Hooked on journalism. Content and social media pro at @CDLB & @ChicagoLawyer.
Carmella Lanni

46 156 Social #vegan girl in an #ecommerce world | @thefoodduo blogger | @veganfoodchat founder | @luv4social co-host | Chocolate + Shoes + Carlo + Cats = Happiness

1 2 Helping small businesses realize their dreams. Follow us for ideas on how to realize yours.
Carlos Gil

5 10 Sr. Social Marketing Manager @LinkedIn. Transforming @LinkedInSelling. @CarlosGilTV on YouTube. Love sports, travel, great food & cigars.
Il Papa Bernasconi

4 32 Interactive and #SocialMedia Editor for @VisitSanDiego. Born in #SanDiego and I don’t know how to surf. However, I do enjoy #cycling, #craftbeer, #running.
Ken Gordon

1 2 Content, Conversation, and Community Strategist at Continuum. Always at the keyboard.
Vincenzo Landino

24 48 I got more tweets than the bible’s got Psalms | #SocialMedia Strategist | Community Ambassador, @WhyISocial | @SocialBeards | @Steelers fan | Wine maker

13 66 #Copywriter who increases #sales for #vegans, #coaches and #entrepreneurs. #Salescopy inquiries welcome. Free SEO #Blogging Checklist: http://t.co/soGPfn9Zcn
Guiding Type

21 66 A Fresh Perspective on Content. See it differently with us | Curated by owners @gostevemcc & @tee_tuhm | #DigitalContent #Social #Marketing #Editors #BookGeeks
K.P. Kelly

4 8 #Christian. Network-aholic. #Coffee Addict. 6’7” Giant. Marathon Runner. Semi-Funny Comedian. #SocialMedia Enthusiast. Co-Founder of @Share4Kids #Columbus
Steve McMurray

7 54 Social Media Monster, Ice Cream Connoisseur, Sports Enthusiast, Analytical Un-thinker. Canadian transplant. Steve@nuvi.com
SMB Adviser

4 40 http://t.co/2WMP46GQXB provides fast-reading summaries of today’s hottest news as well as advice for small businesses and startups.
Juan Vasquez

2 4 Equality+Access Advocate/ @NationBuilder Online Evangelist/ Creative Do’er/ Colombiano Hablo Español / Bike rider/ @UFlorida Gator/ Digital+Community Organizing

2 12 Social Media Development Group – #socialmedia tech services helping clients achieve their #socialmediamarketing #smm goals 1-884-438-7634
Christine Chen

16 64 Marketing Coordinator @ZipcarPhilly. #doggielover/#foodie/#techie/ #marketing/#events/ #yoga/GF of @cassell_realtor/ Follow Shiloh the pup on IG: Shiloh_Devil
Jakub Jandík

1 2 Like: #Internet #Games & #Social #Media – Don’t like: #Facebook Games
Tyler Narducci

7 38 #SocialMedia Content Developer | #Blogger focused on #Marketing #Health #Fitness and Lifestyle – ???, Happy Networking!
Darryl D

1 2 I tried opening the window and shouting in 140 characters but it didn’t work. Of course, all thoughts are my own.
Richard Hatch

1 2 Promotional products consultant, idea guy, graphic designer, sports fan, cook, t-shirt guy, I will help however I can.
Zuula Consulting

1 10 Verbal Branding. Content Strategy. Plain Language. Writing Coaching. u000aMake your message soar!
Kristin Johnson, PHR

4 8 mother, wife, #comic lover, passionate about #humanresources, #leadership. employee #engagement, #inclusion and diversity. PHR and SHRM-CP certified.
Brian Fanzo

1 2 I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Change Evangelist & Digital Social Biz Strategist | #SXSW Speaker | Chats #SbizHour #CloudTalk Podcast Host #SMACtalk #ShowUcare
Meghan Dalesandro

1 2 Education marketing professional intrigued by traditional and digital interweavings. Mom of two with a love of Disney, mayonnaise, and strategic reality TV.
Shellie Correia

1 2 Founder and Director of Mothers Against Wind Turbines – Our Children Deserve Protection & We shall Not Surrender! Member – Niagara Landowners Assoc.
pam fong

9 18 #functionasone. saved by #love. #blogger. bully abuse survivor. #entrepreneur. #fairtrade. #humantrafficking. #activist. ice cream.
WaveTrain Intermedia

1 2 creative. marketing. technology. craft beer. http://t.co/X0dAo3adFr
Anadi Sharma

10 28 A #SocialMedia entrepreneur, #LeoBurnett employee, #YOLO preacher, #Creative blood, #Brand junkie, #Happy soul, #Family lover, #Food Hunter

12 24 App Builder @ http://t.co/Se0UqE99Gp! Social Footprint builder! #AyoS
Bree Kelley

1 2 Sales/Marketing @ Relational Solutions. Data. Analytics. Supply Chain. Retail. CPG. Content Marketing. Social Selling.
Ian Gertler

1 2 Dad & husband. Communicator. Advisor. CMO. #SocBiz #Mobile #IoT. Native NYer=@Yankees @Giants. Do good AND do well. Listen—learn—empower—inspire!
Albert Restaino

4 8 Best friend to your startup or digital marketing campaign. I connect people and brands. Also, I like to talk Yankees, Rangers and geeky stuff.
Vince Skolny

1 2 I believe greatness is only created through the Individual. I strive to create it and encourage it every day. | @FoundingChair of @SkolnyOrg | @GTIMarketing
Mr. S!D

1 2 Social Engager, #SMUN’s Habitual Line Stepper & Raaaaainnmaker! | Professional #SocialMedia & #Marketing Disruptor | Diehard #Mets Fan | Lovable Brown Guy!
Frank’s Pizza House

1 2 Authentic Toronto Italian pizzeria Since 1965. Borderline obsession on social media..It’s all about the Hustle. Oh Ya daddy of 5 3girls 2boys.Giorgio Taverniti
Shreyas Deshmukh

1 2 #SocialMedia Enthusiast, Top 2 Influencer for #SMW15 & Top Influencer for #SMWBangalore; #Twitter is passion; Ex-Curator at @wemaharashtra; ?5S
Malia Probst

2 4 10 out of 10 dentists agree: Today is the first day of your life. u000au000aBe kind. Say thank you.
David G. Guerra

1 2 US Army #Veteran (11B), MBA, Small Business Entrepreneur, #Author (The Walking Leader) I like to help where & how I can. I make pasta & mozzarella from scratch
Chris Bryant

1 2 Inside the mind of a New York City video producer. Runs @EmpireStudiosNY & am preparing for world domination. @Time Person of the Year, 2006.
Lisa Roberson

6 12 virtual assistant – blogger – book lover – love kids & animals & trees – internet/ socmed addict #tytarmy http://t.co/p0OdRm3W33…
Rachel Miller

1 2 I organize the universe & make things pretty. Chief Listener @PipelinerCRM. Excellence Officer @MillennialCEO. Co-host #SbizHour. #SocBiz & #sCRM advocate.

1 2 We have great Military Apparel, Caps, hosiery, socks, undergarment, gloves, tights, leg warmers, beanies, bags and back packs.

1 2 Helping bring the world togeather one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people. http://t.co/dP7jhcNX0f

#JVMChat : Brand Ambassadors – Conclusion


#JVMChat : Brand Ambassadors

Q1. Define what a “Brand Ambassador” means to you. http://t.co/XnUUAXgt0D
Q2: Who can be a brand ambassador? http://t.co/0NohVwOI84
Q3. What activities do you invite brand ambassadors to participate in?   http://t.co/aKFZFCheOD
Q4: What can you do personally to recognize your brand ambassadors? http://t.co/eYNqJkw0Tp
Q5. How do you keep ambassadors engaged http://t.co/nZjsfVtnGY

#JVMChat : Time Management – Q1

Q1. What social media task most often slips through the cracks in your busy day? http://t.co/iqxiZozfma


#JVMChat : Time Management – Q4

Q4. Does multi-tasking increase efficiency or decrease quality? http://t.co/c6TBiBogdN


#JVMChat : Time Management – Q5

Q5. How many extra hours per week would you like for social tasks and how would you spend them? http://t.co/q795lUcQyX


#JVMChat : Time Management – Q3

Q3. What do you feel is something you MUST make time to be present for? (This chat is an acceptable answer) http://t.co/CUr6aOiIKY


#JVMChat : Time Management – Q2

Q2. What tools do you use to save time throughout the day? http://t.co/RVwPJCOnao