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#OrganikChat : Client and customers communication – Remarkable


#OrganikChat : Client and customers communication – Introduction


#OrganikChat : Client and customers communication – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description
Sam Hosenkamp

0 0 Fluent in Internet-speak, obsessed with Spotify, big running & hiking fan. Social media, PR & comms for @OrganikSEO
Gnosis Media Group

1 2 Unusually effective communications bettering our communities – while bringing you new audiences, customers and revenue. http://s.gnoss.us/twchat
Alan Fleming

6 28 Restless, adventurous, curious, optimistic. Tweet about PR, WVU, Seinfeld, wild ideas and general goofiness. Opinions are my own, yadda-yadda-yadda.
Nicole Barbato

8 56 Social Media Campaign Manager at Organik SEO. Health/fitness enthusiast, vegetarian living in Southern California.
Amanda Nelson

37 146 #Social Media Addict | Football & Beer Lover | Daydreamer
Julien Brandt

13 82 CEO of @OrganikSEO. Columnist @Examiner. I’m a speaker, SD-based #entrepreneur, #SEO & #SocialMedia junkie, iPhone Photo Pro & Car Enthusiast. Let’s connect!
Monika Hathaway

1 2 PRSA Silicon Valley board member tweeting about PR, cats & things that make me giggle. Reluctant avoider of all things dairy. Lover of @CrossFit.
Wayne Hendry

21 82 I am a storyteller first, communications engineer second. Passionate about being out-of-the-box. creative, taking on challenges, learning, techno & video games!
Bruno Winck

38 164 Travelling Software Architect, Knowledge Management and Learning enthousiast. Founder of @Kneaver – #PKMChat host

28 56 Think. Act. Evolve. Internet marketing & web design for the discerning palette. Located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota but servicing nationwide.
Melissa Kimble

7 14 Digital Creative helping mission driven Creatives leverage their stories in the digital + social space. Community Mgr – @GOLINglobal. Editor of @_MYCC. Writer.
Matt LaCasse

5 26 Husband. Daddy. Professional Communicator. #Hawkeyes. #Cubs. I write stuff for @CaledonVirtual. Never let your fear decide your fate.
Sheldon Levine

2 4 Community Manager @Sysomos. (self-professed) Super-Genius. Social media misfit. Music addict. Smack talker. Loves to fall in love. Big kid. Awesome dude.

12 88 Craft beer drinking, cigarette smoking, #Bacon eating son of a gun.
Organik SEO

0 0 Why follow us? We’re Local #SEO & #SocialMedia Experts in San Diego dead set on helping #smallbiz grow naturally! http://Fb.com/organikseofanpage
Jenny Foster

8 56 I’m Happy. I’m Healthy. I’m Nerdy to the Max!
Lois Martin #121

17 90 Marketing and PR diva. Georgia Bulldog football and Formula 1 fan, writer, artist, weekend chef, gardener. u000du000aAfter all, life must have balance!
Jackson Salzman

4 24 #SocialMedia Specialist with the ability to grow your brand looking for #Freelance opportunities. Interested in #SEO and #PR also.
Wayne Chan

3 14 Georgian College student. Interested in finance. I join live chats on Twitter and happy to engage with others here when possible. :) Also an Xbox 360/One gamer.
DJ Shirley

4 32 Fellow greetings sir, what’s your boggle?
Tyler Narducci

10 68 #SocialMedia Content Developer | #Blogger focused on #Marketing #Health #Fitness and Lifestyle – ΣΑΜ, Happy Networking!
Jack 25K !!

1 2 i hope you enjoy my tweets #hope (; 25k
Patricia S.

6 12 I’m learning how to cope with severe disability — thankful for all that is good in life.
Brian Gallagher

6 28 Hails from NYC. Resides in NJ. Former Marine. PR Director in the tech space. I inhale data and exhale content and random tweets. Thoughts are my own.

18 116 Professional Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing services. Problem solver, rolls with the punches, chameleon, twitter nerd, wine aficionado.

7 22 Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. – Covey

15 62 Social Marketing OS for people serious about social media marketing. Our Plumbird: Sabrina @sabbyswrld
Lilly Sundvik

2 20 null
Neeraj Thakur

6 44 Digital Marketer | http://NeerajT.com | Digs Internet Startups & Businesses.
Tara Harmon

7 54 Content Marketer. Brand Geek. Pilates Instructor. Dancer. Comic Relief.
Ashley Chastain

8 24 Sophomore at Ball State – Aspiring Advertiser – Avid Music Listener and book reader – alchastain@bsu.edu
Christin Kardos

5 26 Beer & bacon analyst. #Marines & bikers are my friends. A.k.a. クリス /Chris/Tink. #SocialMedia w/ Bay Leaf Digital. #CMGR for @SBizHour. #SBizHour Mondays @ 4 ET.

1 2 The GPS for your #BusinessSuccess. #BusinessGrowth toolkit.u000du000aYour virtual consultant, coach & trainer.
Above Promotions

1 2 Innovative #Publicity and #Digital #Marketing Agency for #Food, #Fashion and #Family brands. CEO: Ebony Grimsley. http://www.facebook.com/abovepromotionsco

#OrganikChat : Client and customers communication

Q1 coming right up!
Q2) What’s the best way gain trust from a new client?
Q3) How frequently should you communicate with clients?
Q4) How do you communicate a decrease in web traffic or SEO results to clients?
Q6) What’s the best way to approach price increase in your services to clients?
Q7) Confession time! Be honest: Have you ever/do you use marketing jargon with clients?

#OrganikChat : Digital Marketing Trends – Q8

Q8) Wrapping it up: Show us a GIF/meme that is representative of your evening plans (PG, please!)


#OrganikChat : Digital Marketing Trends – Q3

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Q4) Which digital marketing trends didn’t work for you?


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