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#SalesEU : power of #social relationship building – Introduction


#SalesEU : power of #social relationship building – Participants


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Handle Name Followers Tweets Impact Description
James Easterling

44 96 Social Media Strategist | Love God, #socialmedia advocate @SetonFamily, #tech evangelist, Coffee Ninja, Dad who wears socks w/ sandals NOT, #besocial sharer
Brian Fanzo

20 40 I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Change Evangelist & Digital Social Biz Strategist | #SXSWi Keynote Speaker | Chat host #SbizHour #CloudTalk Podcast Host #SMACtalk
Pipeliner CRM

0 0 We created an eye-catching, customizable representation of your pipeline — a picture of your #sales target is worth 1,000 spreadsheets #CRM #SocialSelling #B2B

1 2 I love the Lord and to photograph His creation! Nice to meet you :) Hope you enjoy my work! Find my photos on RedGage! http://t.co/BA8EWN0F6q
Charlotte Martin

12 24 Public Relations Student at UF. Ophthalmic Tech / PR & Marketing Assistant for Ocala Eye. Lover of Manatees & Gardens. Passion: Enhancing Advocacy for Eye Care.
Richard Young

17 34 Husband, father, worker, and lover of good food/wine. Tweets on #CRM #Sales #Social #B2Bsales #Tech
Vincenzo Landino

11 22 I got more tweets than the bible’s got Psalms | #SocialMedia Strategist | Community Ambassador, @WhyISocial | @SocialBeards | @Steelers fan | Wine maker
Social Beards

1 2 For the dudes who rock a @Twitter account and fluffy beard and for the ladies that love us. Tweet a pic + join the #SocialBeards movement. #SocialBeardsChat

1 2 #Vintage #shoes #clothing #career #wardrobe #costumers #stylists #designers #studios #theaters #sets #Bargain prices with a touch of #class.
Steve McMurray

6 12 Social Media Monster, Ice Cream Connoisseur, Sports Enthusiast, Analytical Un-thinker. Canadian transplant. Steve@nuvi.com
Rachal Tarquin

34 108 Christ Follower | Relationship Builder | Entrepreneur | Live-Tweeter | Practices Dolce Far Niente | Hashtag Fanatic | Marketing Advisor at @RT_Consulting
Cynthia Lardner

1 2 Spiritualist. Activist. Peacekeeper. Humanitarian. Social media strategist. Mother of Four. Attorney. Therapist. Author #OneOhana #ImaginePeace
Dave Nordella

3 6 Beat back the BS in life! Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed. #inspiration #motivation #mindset
Greg Hyer

8 32 Greg Hyer is a digital engagement marketer, founder of @LinkingTriangle, @LinkingIn2Sales #SocialSelling Podcast co-host & co-founder of 5 kids w/ wife, @JKHyer
Mic V Adam

47 94 Social Selling Accelator – SoMe Policy Creation -Trainer – Entrepreneur Doing Busines as Vanguard Leadership (http://t.co/HPH5pmvi) – Views are my own – #vlsmm
Rachel Miller

37 90 I organize the universe & make things pretty. Chief Listener @PipelinerCRM. Excellence Officer @MillennialCEO. Co-host #SbizHour. #SocBiz & #sCRM advocate.
Nikk Smit

4 8 Improving the world, one tweet at a time. @SAPAfrica : Social Media Brand Specialist & Inbound Marketer | @McLarenF1 Fan | Philosophy | Geopolitics | Sociology
Barb Giamanco

23 46 #SocialSelling #CustomerExperience Advisor, Speaker, Author. The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media 404-647-4925.
Alan Berkson

13 26 I like to stir the pot. Often I make a mess, but sometimes I get soup. Dir Community Outreach @Freshdesk @Freshserviceapp http://t.co/mUMYFwWiue

13 34 Social and Mobile at NYU | @WhyISocial Host | #JVMChat Co-Host | @MillennialCEO + @NEPABlogCon contributor | Social Sunday on @AppMeerKat | @socialbeards
Jon Green

5 10 Entrepreneuria­l technical consultant; CEO/CTO type. Occasional rocket scientist. Prone to writing. u000au000a’To write a profile: / 140 chars? / Only haiku works.’
Ahmed Hasan

1 2 Professional Binge Watcher | Love humans, food and #Tech | CA Bar Hopeful #Lawyer | Corporate #Law Clerk @GalxyzLab | #Business
Josh McCormack

23 54 Runs InteractiveQA web dev. Author of Helping is the Sales Pitch http://t.co/8LUNolwFZC
Jose Apen

1 2 Community Organizer.
Eric Quanstrom

12 24 #CMO @PipelinerCRM, #SocialSelling #CRM par excellence for #B2BSales. #Startup guy, also Husband, Father, Surfer, Wine Geek, Rabid #SFGiants & #49ers Fan.

1 2 Marketing, Live Marketing, Social Media professional – Sports, Trends and Economics addicted
Viv Hudson

1 2 ‘Do what you BElieve in and BElieve in what you do’. Changing how you deal with change, professionally and personally. Brain, body and business.
Eric Schranz

13 26 Implementing Sales Visions Together
Carlos Gil

24 48 Digital Strategist, Marketing Executive, Social Media @SaveALot @WinnDixie @WinnDixieLatino @BILOSuperSaver, @YouTube’ing @CarlosGilTV, Speaker at #SMMW15
Richard Scudder

1 2 A passion to help others succeed. Partner with great organizations. Be positive.

1 2 Simplifying the day-to-day process of running a business so you can focus on your passion. Join us at http://t.co/nEo9S6xsd0
Mike Street

1 2 #SmartBrownVoices Podcast – New episodes every Tuesday! #Digital #Marketing #SocialMedia
Soul Consulting

4 8 Emma Tickner, Founder & Director of Soul Consulting. A Business Development Company that Networks Strategic People & Solutions Together.

1 2 App Builder @ http://t.co/Se0UqE99Gp! Social Footprint builder! #AyoS
Chris Houghtaling

1 2 Implementing Sales Visions Together that empower sales organizations and professionals to higher levels of performance
Kaitlyn McCullough

1 2 Digital Marketing Specialist @ExtremeNetworks. #DigitalMedia grad student @Northeastern.
Joe Bergess

1 2 SEO & Social Media guy for SwimWays, Noble Marketing, Dojiggy, & other brands. Gym-going geek. Addicted to coffee. SPCA worker, Jeep driver. #SEO #SMM
Baiju Solanki

4 8 Speaker & Psychologist, Founder of ‘I’m An EntrepreneurTV’, Wanna Be An Entrepreneur’ & Social Media Touch Psychology, Lovin #Entrepreneurship, and My Family
Jermaine Young

3 6 Jermaine Young is a cool geek by day and ninja by night. He’s a dad, poet & designer. Need help with #SocialMediaMarketing & #PersonalBranding? He’s your geek!
Jennifer C.

2 4 Internet marketing specialist, writer and constant student of social media and all things SEO
Rahul Tripathy

1 2 Knowledge is empowering but sharing is liberating. @RotmanMBA
Teri Kojetin

1 2 MN Nana. Community manager @socialhangout. @Hootsuite Amb #HootAmb. @Nurph Amb. Co-host #Luv4Social chat. Love God #coffee #owls
Bill Nigh

1 2 Citizen/US Army Vet/Content creator. Dilettante with reasonably respectable clusters of mastery. RT does not equal endorsement.
Wes Cambron

1 2 #Whovian / #Startup Lover / Social Media Dude / Content Creator / Pro Wrestling Fan / Historian / Libertarian / #Branding Futurist / #GenYNot
Rupa Lang

1 2 It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Supa Rupa!! Talk to me about Social Media, Food, Babies, Books, Music & other things you think I might enjoy.
Aurelia Noel

1 2 Web Addict, Social junkie, Googler Anonymous, Digital Hustler. part Geek, part Goth, part Princess & 100% ME. Loves music only if LOUD. Views are 100% personal!
Amol Dalvi

1 2 Entrepreneur-CTO living in the moment.
William Goddard

1 2 Deliver Goto, BizDev, Marketing for SMB’s to help increase sales & revenue #Startups #SMB #Marketing #Social #Sales #ITSM #Food @HuffPostbiz Top 100 #CustServ
Chaim Shapiro

2 4 LinkedIn consultant/ Author/Public speaker. Book a LinkedIn Workshop for your school/organization or a personal session today! http://t.co/UbCXG57jFP
Liselotte Casteur

2 4 nieuwsgierige moeial.u000aAmuseert zich met Social Media en Online Marketing. Vooral bij @kortrijkxpo, maar misschien ook bij u?
Fire Tracker

1 2 Autotelic-Connector-Social Media Ronin-HiTech startup Vet x5-Recovering Volunteer-FD Board Member (Ret.) MRC/CERT #Splody meme creator- #smem #VOST views=My Own
Maya Paveza

1 2 Real Estate Broker & Coach – Strategist, Biz Dev Mercenary | SoMe ~1982 via 300 baud on a BBS. Some call me a sensitive whatever that means
Troy Sandidge

1 2 Global Marketing & Communication Specialist for Eastek International – Global EMS & CM based in the U.S.
Vincent Joris

1 2 @MicrosoftBe employee & passionate ambassador. Nonverbal, emotional comm, storytelling & influence mktg are my daily bread – My blog: http://t.co/GSb2CbD7p1
Kneaver Chat

1 2 Follow me to get timeline TwitterChat reminders, grouped per hour, given in your timezone. I follow chat hosts accounts. They can DM for adjustments
Martha Neumeister

2 20 #SocialMedia Advocate at @PipelinerCRM. @FHWienAT graduate. Host of #s4bizDACH & co-host of #SalesEU. Love #B2Bsales #Entrepreneurship #SocialSelling #sCRM
The Right Job

1 2 The job search site. Helping jobseekers and employers by finding and organizing job tweets. Join the chat on.
nicholas loise

1 2 VP @GKIC, Sales and Marketing Leader, Entrepenuer, Husband, Father Passionate about all things Sales Marketing, I help business grow Expert Author, IM, Speaker
Ron Sela

1 2 Director of Marketing @Twtrland | Blogger at http://t.co/HpRRdGabio | Influence Marketing Expert | Opinions Are My Own
Andrew Jenkins

1 2 Capeless Super Hero, Creative Thinker, Film Guy, Mathlete, Husband, Father, Walker On Path Less Travelled.u000au000aContent Portfolio http://t.co/JBAzXc0Nlm
Chris Kendall

1 2 Director, Support and Customer Success
Corey Protzman

1 2 Jill of communication trades l Wearer of many hats for @SBenjaminsCo l foodie l workout-aholic l Fueled by social media and lots of tea

3 6 Leaders in the Websharing revolution. Tandem bike riders. Believers that the Web is better together. Start Speedsharing today http://t.co/RGbHUtgMKz
Lyndsey Dee

1 2 author of FLOUR CITY BLUES. fabulous blogger, copywriter, editor. slinger of a hedonistic lifestyle. loves bagels–a bit too much.
Zeshan Jaffari

1 2 Social Business Specialist at @komfo – Social Media #SocialMediaManagement #smm https://t.co/nnysoRjggI #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing
Jeremy Skinner

1 2
Theo Priestley

1 2 Technology Evangelist, Advisor, Analyst, Speaker. u000aIrrepressible and tenacious Scotsman. u000aNISMO driver, gamer, opinionated industry figure.
Tim McKenna

1 2 Plumbing Professional, let’s talk rowing, endurance sports, 24hrs of Le Mans, Porsches, and plumbing. News guy on the @Outspokncyclist radio show

#SalesEU : power of #social relationship building

Q1: What is social relationship building? And how can strategic nurturing help to increase sales?
Q2: If you have a very large network how can you identify who is the right candidate for relationship nurturing
Q3: Engagement is strongly associated with Relationship building. What do successful #salespeople do to ensure both?
Q4: How can a salesperson let their connections know that they care deeply about their success?
Q5: What are some great tips to build social relationships with new and relevant prospects/customers?
Q6: How much time a week should a salesperson invest in social relationship building?

#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q3

Q3: How can be social media be effectively measured?


#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q8

Q8: Is an analysis strategy required? How do you develop one?


#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q9

Q9: What tips would you give a salesperson who is just starting out with social analytics?


#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q4

Q4: What data shouldn’t be measured and why?


#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q7

Q7: How do you process the data into reports?


#SalesEU : Social Media Analysis for Sales – Q6

Q6: There are a lot of websites and social networks. How can you monitor data from all of them?